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First day of school + life in general

Not the first day of school period. This is my first day at a university. I spent a lot of years at community college and this is my first time going to university. It's not hard. I'm only taking once class, World Lit 1. At first I was thinking this was a bit of a waste of time but I met a really nice girl there. She's originally from South Korea and her name is Eun Joo. We really clicked today and we had a lot of fun talking to each other. I was surprised when she asked for my number, but I'm glad she did. It was fun to finally meet someone in a class and get to know them and become friends with someone new. 

The class itself is going to be fun. I can tell. My teacher is really hyper and she's kind of just all over the place. I think she'll make all of these stories a lot of fun though. That's the thing with Lit classes. They're usually not that fun unless the teacher makes them fun. It's especially hard for students who have no interest in literature to keep up and find it enjoyable, but I think she'll be able to open the class up get them to enjoy this stuff. I'm already enjoying it. The first thing we're going to read is Gilgamesh. I actually haven't read this one before, but it seems really good so I'm excited to get on it. I was going to read it today, but I didn't because I'm a lazy bum so that'll be for tomorrow. 

Also tomorrow I'll be going on a post office mission Dan. I'm actually very glad I was able to sell these figures. I really needed the money for tuition. It was perfect timing. I just need to ship these things and it'll all be done. I've been doing a really good job of saving money lately. That was one of my goals for 2013. It's nice to save money and then be happy when you look in your bank account and it's not deathly low. I don't even really have anything I'm desiring terribly right now so I'll be good for a while I think. Just throw the money in savings and watch it grow. Honestly, I've mostly been spending my money on food. Lately my house hasn't had much food in it and it makes me sad. I'll be going out to eat Wednesday with Emily for her birthday and we're going to indulge in sushi... Which will be hard on my wallet XD But I'll be okay. 

Then there's my writing thing. I'm finding it hard to sit and write, but I think when I start spending more time in the library I'll find it easier to do that. I really need to finish this story by the end of the month and I've figured out my goal for February as well. February will be dedicated to editing and publishing at the end of the month. Or at least close to it. That's not when I originally wanted to do it, but it'll be fine. I have a lot of nerves about it because it's just so hard to get your name out there and get people to recognize you, but what can you do? Just work hard and do your best to convince people to buy your book. I know I'll be able to convince my friends, but the hard part will be getting the masses to buy it. The next book will be my short story book, which I think I want to kind of have it be a follow up to this one. They won't have anything to do with each other, but they'll be themed the same. 

For 2013 I also decided one of my subgoals would be to exercise more. I've been eating really healthy lately. I only drink sodas when I go out and even then I tend to get a water. I've been eating a lot of salads lately and not because I'm forcing myself to, but because I just want to. It's been nice. I wish I could have some people to actually exercise, but my few friends who are exercising don't care to invite me along and the rest just don't exercise period. I don't know why my few friends who do exercise don't bring it up to me. I guess they just don't think I can do it. Sometimes it shocks me how my friends view me. I suppose I can come off in certain ways, but sometimes when someone says something about me or thinks something about me it's really degrading. Like cooking for example. I can cook. I know I've made it out that I just straight up can't cook and don't know my way around a kitchen, but I can cook. And I can cook well. I just don't like to. I don't do things I don't like to do and one of those things happens to be cooking. Exercising is the same way. I can do it. I think I would enjoy doing it. I would enjoy it more and feel more motivated to do it if I had friends to go along with, but since no one wants to bother with me in that aspect I'm on my own. 

Ah well. Woe is me. Nothing to fret over. I've got other stuff to do such as read and write. I've taken to listening to a lot of orchestra music as well and I think that's really helped to me keep me focus on my tasks at hand. Plus it's very relaxing. I find it very calming and it's just... Very nice. 

Well it's nice to get all my thoughts out like this. I've had a lot on my mind as of late and I really don't like having my mind just full of stuff. It's really bothersome. I just need to get back on track and keep things going. This is going to be a good year for me. It has to be. I started it off well and I feel motivated and strong. Some days more than others but overall I'm determined and I want to achieve everything I said I would. Nothing to it, but to do it. 

I want to put a quote here about how life is hard, but you have to overcome and all that jazz but... The picture is clear. 
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