Things I need to watch

Downloaded TV Shows

  • The Walking Dead

  • American Horror Story Season 1 WATCHED AND COMPLETED

  • Tiger & Bunny

  • Ripper Street < TAKING A HIATUS

  • Da Vinci's Demons

TV Shows Not Downloaded Yet

  • The Tudors

  • The Borgias

  • Downton Abbey

  • Copper

  • Elementary

  • Hakuouki

  • Meine Liebe

  • The Hour

  • Twin Peaks

  • Amnesia (Anime)

Downloaded Movies:

  • The Black Dahlia


Movies Not Downloaded Yet

  • Brick

  • Mitsu Ni Sumu Hama

  • Helter Skelter

  • Dark Water

Movies 2013:

  • Shelter

  • The Hobbit

  • Chosen Secrets (French film)

  • You Will Be Mine (French Film)

  • Jan Dara

  • The Cat Returns (Miyazaki)

  • 21 and Over

  • Strange Circus

  • Pterodactyl (Syfy movie)

  • Warbirds (Syfy movie)

  • Ju-On

  • The Hunger Games (rewatched)

  • Iron Man 3

  • Paranorman

  • Wreck It Ralph (rewatched)

Hetalia Wishlist

Movic Mascots:

(Looking for them all but the ones mentioned are the ones I especially want)

One Coin Figures:

Anikuji Screen Cleaners:

Rubber Straps:
Hong Kong

Juggernaut (America/China)
Anything USUK
Anything AsaKiku
Anything with the Asian family as a family
(Just show me what you got really...)

Popstands of Allies and Axis Powers
France and Spain sheep popstand
Romano and Veneziano sheep popstand
USA and UK sheep popstand

Trading Cards:
Hong Kong
South Korea


Hitsuji de Oyasumi:

  • France + Spain

  • USA + UK

  • Italy Brothers

  • Germany + Prussia

Character CD

  • China

  • America

  • Germany

  • UK

  • France

  • Japan

  • Italy

  • Prussia

  • Spain

Digital Single THE BEST Plus Alpha (Canada, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Rome)

Pin Can Badges:


File Folders:
Hong Kong

Artestella Artbook, stickers, poster, cards
Nekotalia mascots *HIGH PRIORITY*:

  • Japan

  • France

  • China

  • Germany

  • America

  • England

  • Italy

Japan and China Halloween Event Key Chain
Mug Poland/Lithuania/Liechtenstein
Sweden Shikishi (board)

Specific Characters (Anything related to):
South Korea
Hong Kong

En Route
South Korea Movic Mascot
Canada OCF
China Movic Mascot
France Movic Mascot
Canada Movic Masco

France Movic
China movic
Latvia movic

Hetalia Volume 3
America, China, and France shot glasses/Hong Kong, South Korea, and Seychelles Trading Cards
China card and Romano plate
Prussia and Austria cleaners
Romano and Spain one coins
Sweden Shikishi and Hong Kong File Folder
Poland Pin
AsaKiku Doujin
Japan and France nekotalia mascots
Italy, Germany, and America Nekotalia mascots
ArtStella Stickers Refunded
Rome and Greece coasters
China and his babies doujin
England mascot
Taiwan figure, Calendar, HK postcard
Prussia OCF
China and his babies doujin
ArteStella Stickers

China notebook
4 dounjins
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Planned out letters for Mobiverse

Red means Seif is doing those letters and black are my letters. Lined through means I've completed them. 
  • Day 3 — Your parents
  • Day 5 — Your dreams
  • Day 6 — A stranger
  • Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
  • Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
  • Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
  • Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
  • Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
  • Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
  • Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
  • Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
  • Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
  • Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
  • Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
  • Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

Day 1 — Your Best Friend El Dorado
Day 2 — Your Crush
- Ker-Ys

Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative) -
Ker-Ys to Ciro

Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush - El Dorado to Ciro
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend - El Dorado to Prussia (through Spain)
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
- Avalon to the Phoenix

Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to - El Dorado
Day 12 --- The person you hate the most/caused you a lot of pain - Ker-Ys
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
- Avalon to Atlantis

Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
- El Dorado (maybe wanting to be Ciro)

Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest

Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
- Ker-Ys to Shambala

Day 23 — The last person you kissed
- Avalon to Atlantis

Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times - Ker-Ys
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
- Avalon to a ghost (she lost her love and Avalon explains to her about his own love)

So...about internet friends.

I used to be one of those people who thought there was no such as thing as "internet friends." I honestly thought that people who made friends online didn't have lives or were talking to a complete and random stranger who was going to hurt them or something! And then a little less than two years ago I make a friend on AHS (Ayumi Hamasaki forum). I saw someone, whose name was Angel Senshi, had their location as Malta. I had a song by this woman from Malta and I decided to randomly message this girl and talk to her about it. I never imagined we would actually remain friends but...two years later here we are. She means the world to me and I consider her one, if not THE closest friend I have. My best friend is someone I met on the internet. 

Fast forward to the now and I actually have a few more friends I met online. This girl commented on a Hetalia 30 day challenge thing I did on LJ and told me to join tumblr. Well...for some reason I did it haha! We don't talk a whole lot honestly but I still consider her a friend. Her online name is Lemurturtle and her real name is Kayla. 

The next girl I met is a fan of Kaori Yuki. She noticed I posted a lot of Kaori Yuki stuff on my tumblr so she followed me and I followed her back. She's actually a Cassian/Lucille cosplayer haha. She's a good friend and we even exchanged phone numbers. I don't agree with her ideas about love though, but that's part of a friendship - having differences. I hope she eventually learns to move on though. I call her either Cass or Lucille but her real name is Rachel. 

And last but not least is another big Hetalia fan. This girl was really random hahah. She messaged me on tumblr one day and asked me to listen to the plot of her story. Oddly enough I did and we've been friends since. We get along really well and we enjoy talking about our favorite Hetalia pairings. The great thing about it is we don't have similar tastes in pairings so it's fun to discuss them! She got me into France/China haha. Though America/China will always be my number 1!!! We talk about a lot of other things too. It's pretty awesome. ^_^ Her online is Seiferre and I have no idea if that's her real name or not. That's what I know her as. 

Althought, my bestest friend will always be MK. I know for a fact our relationship will never die. We would do anything for each other. These other online friends may leave me behind one day but MK will always be by my side...even if we are an ocean apart ^_^

More Stupidness and Frustration

Just ranting a bit. It seems to be the only thing I use this journal for. 

I need someone to tell me it's okay haha. Like serious. Someone help me out here!

So the situation....*sigh* Here we go. 

I work in retail. My job is to sell stuff. It's what I do. It's how I do. I sell stuff. 

I get regulars sometimes and I don't always know their names and sometimes I do. This particular regular I didn't know his name but he was a cool guy. I was fine with him and he was fine with me. So one day he walks in my manager tries to sell him something that was the same thing he was looking for but it was a better deal. I make a point to not try to oversell people on stuff. I'll only try to convince them to buy something if I truly think they would be getting a better deal with what I want them to have. 

So my manager tries to sell the guy this thing and he doesn't want. It absolutely didn't want it. My manager had me come over and explain to guy again why he should get what my manager was trying to push because it was a better deal. So I explained to him again why it was better than what he was trying to get. He still didn't want it. My manager kept pushing him to get the other deal though and I was reiterated that he would be saving money blah blah blah. Guy eventually broke down and got it. 

He didn't seem like he was getting aggravated with my manager and me so I didn't think of it. Then a few days later one of my co-workers tell me I bothered his cousin about buying something. It took me a while to remember what it was but then I found out it was that same guy. I had no idea this guy was my co-worker's cousin and I also didn't know he was so upset that we tried to sell him that thing. He just didn't seem aggravated or annoyed so I didn't think anything of it. Apparently he was really angry about it though. 

Even though I barely know the guy it's really been bothering me for some reason. I don't know why! I think it's because it was my co-worker's cousin. I know I'm at fault cause people hate those sales people who try to oversell things, but I try so hard not to do that and I didn't feel like I was doing it with his guy. I guess I'm starting to fall into the "salesperson" persona and not even realizing it. I just don't feel like this should bother me so much cause I also don't feel like it was so much of a big deal. I mean if a salesperson tried to oversell me something I personally wouldn't get so angry about it, but then again that's just me! *sigh* 

I dunno. Just another hump in life I guess. 

This is what I fear

*  Acarophobia -- fear of skin infestation by mites or ticks
    * Acousticophobia -- fear of noise
    * Acrophobia -- fear of heights
    * Aerophobia -- fear of flying
    * Agoraphobia -- fear of open spaces
    * Ailurophobia -- fear of cats
    * Algophobia -- fear of pain
    * Amaxophobia -- fear of riding in a vehicles
    * Androphobia -- fear of men
    * Anginophobia -- fear of sore throat
    * Anthropophobia -- fear of people, especially in groups
    * Apiphobia -- intense fear of bees
    * Arachnophobia -- fear of spiders
    * Astraphobia -- fear of lightning
    * Atelophobia -- fear of imperfection
    * Automysophobia -- fear or dislike of being dirty (more of a dislike than a fear)
    * Autophobia- Fear of being alone or of oneself
    * Bacteriophobia -- fear of bacteria
    * Bathophobia -- fear of bathing
    * Batophobia -- fear of passing high buildings
    * Batrachophobia -- fear of frogs and toads
    * Belonephobia -- fear of pins and needles
    * Blennophobia -- fear of slime
    * Bogyphobia -- dread of demons and goblins
    * Bromidrosiphobia -- fear of having unpleasant body odor (OMG this is stupid but it's so me)
    * Brontophobia -- fear of thunder and thunderstorms (YEP. but at the same time they inspire me)
    * Carcinophobia -- fear of cancer
    * Cardiophobia -- fear of heart disease

    * Cenophobia -- fear of open spaces (wasn't this mentioned before?)
    * Cheimaphobia -- fear or dislike of cold
    * Chrometophobia -- fear or dislike of money
    * Cibophobia -- fear of food
    * Claustrophobia -- fear of enclosed spaces
    * Cnidophobia -- insect stings
    * Coitophobia -- fear of sexual intercourse
    * Coprophobia -- fear of excrement/feces
    * Cyberphobia -- fear of computers
    * Cymophobia -- fear of waves
    * Cynophobia -- dread of dogs
    * Cypridophobia -- fear of venereal disease
    * Demonophobia -- fear of spirits, demons

    * Demophobia -- dislike of crowds
    * Dermatophobia -- fear of skin disease
    * Dipsophobia -- fear of drinking
    * Domatophobia -- fear of being in a house
    * Doraphobia -- fear of contact with animal fur or skin
    * Dysmorphophobia -- fear of deformity (more so on me than other people. I never want a deformity)
    * Ecophobia -- fear of home surroundings
    * Eleutherophobia -- fear of freedom 
    * Elurophobia -- fear of cats
    * Emetophobia -- fear of vomiting
    * Enetophobia -- fear of needles or pins
    * Entomophobia -- fear of insects
    * Ergophobia -- fear of work
    * Erotophobia -- fear of sexual feelings and their physical expression 
    * Gamophobia -- fear or dislike of marriage
    * Gephyrophobia -- fear of crossing a bridge (I'm so scared they are gonna collapse)
    * Gerascophobia -- fear of growing old
    * Glossophobia -- fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak
    * Graphophobia -- dislike of writing
    * Gymnophobia -- fear of nudity
    * Gynophobia -- fear of women
    * Hadeophobia -- fear of hell
    * Hagiophobia -- dislike for saints and the holy
    * Hamartophobia -- fear of error or sin
    * Haptophobia -- fear of touch
    * Harpaxophobia -- fear of robbers
    * Hedonophobia -- fear of pleasure
    * Hemaphobia -- fear of the sight of blood
    * Herpetophobia -- fear of reptiles
    * Hierophobia -- fear or dislike of sacred objects, fear of priests
    * Hippophobia -- fear or horses
    * Hodophobia -- fear or dislike of travel
    * Homophobia -- fear of homosexuality
    * Hydrophobia -- fear of water
    * Hydrophophobia -- fear of rabies 
    * Hygrophobia -- fear of liquids
    * Hypnophobia -- fear of sleep
    * Iatrophobia -- fear of doctors
    * Ichthyophobia -- fear of fish
    * Iophobia -- fear of poisons
    * Kakorrhaphiophobia -- fear of failure or defeat
    * Katagelophobia -- fear of ridicule
    * Keraunophobia-- fear of thunder and lightning
    * Kinetophobia -- fear or dislike of motion
    * Kleptophobia --fear of thievery
    * Kopophobia -- fear of mental or physical examination
    * Laliophobia -- fear of talking
    * Linonophobia -- fear of string
    * Mechanophobia -- fear of machinery
    * Merinthophobia -- fear of being bound
    * Microphobia -- fear of germs
    * Misanthropy -- a hatred of mankind in general
    * Misophobia -- fear of dirt
    * Molysomophobia -- fear of infection
    * Musophobia -- fear of mice

    * Myxophobia -- fear of slime
    * Necrophobia -- fear of death or corpses
    * Neophobia -- fear of new things
    * Noctiphobia -- fear of the night
    * Nosophobia -- fear of contracting a disease
    * Nudophobia -- fear of nudity
    * Nychtophobia-- fear of darkness
    * Obesophobia -- fear of gaining weight
    * Ochlophobia -- fear of crowds
    * Ochophobia -- fear of vehicles
    * Odontophobia -- fear of teeth
    * Odynophobia -- fear of pain
    * Ombrophobia -- fear of rain
    * Ophidiophobia -- fear of snakes
    * Panphobia -- a nonspecific fear of everything
    * Paraphobia -- fear of sexual perversion
    * Parasitophobia -- fear of parasites
    * Pathophobia -- fear of disease

    * Peccatiphobia -- fear of sinning
    * Pedophobia -- fear of children
    * Peladophobia -- dread of baldness
    * Peniaphobia -- fear of poverty
    * Phagophobia -- fear of eating
    * Pharmacophobia -- fear of drugs
    * Phasmophobia -- fear of ghosts (sometimes)
    * Phenogophobia -- fear of daylight
    * Phobophobia -- fear of fear itself
    * Phonophobia -- fear or dislike of noise
    * Photophobia -- fear of light
    * Phonemophobia -- fear of thinking
    * Pnigophobia-- fear of choking or smothering
    * Poinephobia -- fear of punishment
    * Psychophobia -- fear of the cold
    * Pyrexiophobia -- fear of fever
    * Rhabdophobia -- fear of being beaten
    * Rhypophobia -- fear of filth

    * Sciophobia -- fear of shadows
    * Scoleciphobia -- fear of worms
    * Scopophobia -- fear of being looked at
    * Scotophobia -- fear of the dark
    * Socialphobia -- fear of people or crowds 
    * Tachophobia -- fear of speed
    * Taphephobia -- fear of being buried alive (SOOOO BADLY!)
    * Telephonophobia -- fear of the telephone
    * Theophobia -- fear of God
    * Thanatophobia -- fear of death
    * Tocophobia -- fear of childbirth
    * Tomophobia -- fear of surgical operations
    * Topophobia -- fear of certain places
    * Toxiphobia -- fear of being poisoned
    * Trichophobia -- fear of hair
    * Urophobia -- fear of urine
    * Vaccinophobia -- fear of vaccines and vaccination 
    * Venereophobia -- fear of venereal disease
    * Venustraphobia -- fear of beautiful women
    * Verminophobia -- fear of germs
    * Vermiphobia -- fear of worms

    * Xenophobia -- fear of foreigners and strangers
    * Zoophobia -- fear of animals

Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway

Ah, totally Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII! We would totally cause trouble and pull pranks but make people feel better when the occasion calls for it. 
Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF? One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.] Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).

Bitchy, bitchy....

Has anyone ever noticed how a lot of times strangers online are really bitchy and mean? And you just know that in real life they don't have the guts to say half the things they say online. Online people can't see your face, they don't know your name, they don't know who you are so suddenly that makes it perfectly okay to be a jerk? People do it to celebrities all the time, but they don't have any qualms about doing it to other normal people you meet on forums or something. 

I had to stand up for this girl on tumblr from one of those people. It really, really sucks! 

Like, you're being genuine and whether you have to apologize to one of these online people for something or are just having a normal conversation and you disagree with something they say then they get all up in arms about it and throw a hissyfit and start saying shit and you're just like "....unnecessary much...." 

Just ranting though. I don't do it often but this needs to be heard. If you're one of these people, chill the hell out. There's no reason to try and be all big and bad just because people don't know who you are. That is NOT how you make internet friends....

30 Day Kaori Yuki Challenge

I created this and I'm going to repost this in several places in hopes that people will see and do it. I think people will enjoy so I hope it gets popular and help Kaori Yuki fans come together ^_^ 

Day 1 - Favorite Manga

Day 2 - Overall Favorite Character

Day 3 - Overall Least Favorite Character

Day 4 - Most Tragic Death

Day 5 - Character You Would Date

Day 6 - Favorite Pairing

Day 7 - Favorite Quote

Day 8 - Most Evil Character

Day 9 - Favorite Child

Day 10 - Character You Relate To The Most

Day 11 - Most Emotional Moment

Day 12 - Character Who Deserved To Die But Didn't

Day 13 - Favorite Angel From Angel Sanctuary

Day 14 - Favorite Demon From Angel Sanctuary

Day 15 - Favorite Fairy From Fairy Cube

Day 16 - Favorite Musician From Grand Guignol Orchestra

Day 17 - Favorite Fairy Tale Character From Ludwig Kakumei

Day 18 - Best Back Story

Day 19 - Most Underrated Character

Day 20 - Another Favorite Pairing

Day 21 - Most Frightening Character

Day 22 - Best Location (Environment)

Day 23 - Best Female Character

Day 24 - Male Character You Would Like To See Drawn As A Female

Day 25 - Manga That Should Be Made Into A Full Length Anime

Day 26 - Character You Would Be Best Friends With

Day 27 - Most Selfless Character

Day 28 - Most Disturbing Scene

Day 29 - Best Looking Character

Day 30 - Explain Why You Love Kaori Yuki And Her Works